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On extended hiatus

Due to extenuating circumstances this project will be on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Progress Report How things are progressing...

Progress is slow going, I am realizing that I have so many characters to keep track of, that it will be a HUGE task to get things to a point where timelines measure up and match, and things make more sense, and have considered that this could potentially add up to much more than I had originally thought. I have started to piece together a database so that I can more easily keep things sorted out. I expect that it will be rough going however. There is much overlap between the characters and time periods that were created so many many years ago. I feel old just thinking about it all! It's only a little challenging to remember specific tales you created as a child.. 20 years (or more) past.
Being a Ceriton means many things, first and foremost being that they are not Human, but an alien race from the planet of the same name. They are capable of shape shifting, changing size and appearance, as well as changing from a humanoid form to that of the feline persuasion. The natural form (and also the most indicative that you are in the prescense of one) would be the state at which they are 2 or 3 times the size of an average Human being.

The race is able to instantaneously transport from one place to another over great distances, without the use of technology. They tend to mate for life, and to be jealous and aggressive. Mating is done ONLY with a kiss on the lips, and always results in either a single child or a litter. They are capable of mating with Humans, in the same way as with each other. While kissing will "mate" a ceriton with either human or ceriton, sexual intercourse will not "mate" but can still produce children, although there is no guarantee that it will.

The planet Ceriton is led by a Monarchy, and they as a race have a lifespan that at least doubles that of humans.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dionne: My girls aren't human..? I felt panic; it wasn't possible! I felt betrayed, lost. The one thing that could certainly make me lose my mind, I lost my Ransom to Ceritons, my whole philosophy was to avoid them at all costs, Ceritons stole my life from me, and endangered my family repeatedly over the years. I don't know how to process this. How is this possible Russell? I broke down in tears; Can you fix this? I need you to fix this Russ, y-you have to! I can't possibly explain this to Lacey! What would I say?

Monday, February 20, 2012

2414: Chablis

I totally am in love with him! Hagan is awesome, and gorgeous, and did I say gorgeous?

Marilyn: Why can't HUMAN be one of your requirements? Oh, right; forgot, that'd be too simple.

Chablis: What the heck Marly! So what if he's not human? He's so much cooler than that!

Marly: Chablis, why do you...

Chablis: A girl can have a crush without being messed with over it can't she? Seriously Marly; you've gotta like someone!

I hate these conversations. Marly, I'm going skating; I'll talk to you later.
I hung up on Marly and headed for Monument park; walking past the skate park, I waved to Damon and Dean as I passed. I may not have been allowed in there last year, but now I wasn't even allowed to talk to anyone there. River sure knew how to mess things up for me, if he could find a way for me to cause myself to be barred from places he didn't want me, he'd do it. If he couldn't, he'd find a way to cause it himself. Dean's dad hates me, and I can only guess that it has something to do with River.
Continuing to the park, I pulled my board out, and made my way through my habitat, trying to look normal while keeping a close eye on Hagan, the guy who wasn't human, and who spent his free time in Monument park sketchbook in hand, drawing everything. The only visible difference between him and any other normal human teenager was his skin. He shimmered a greenish blue, sort of like the ocean, but more like an iridescent fabric with a slightly rough texture. I would hang out with the guys, and act like he was no big deal.


I pulled on the girly purple sundress over a sheer tank top and black leggings, then pulled my sneakers on and grabbed my board, and my video camera. This music video would be the greatest yet! I ran in the front office at the skate park: Damon! I need Dean to help me with this video; I have to have it done this weekend or else I can't submit it. Damon was fidgety, something is wrong. What's up Damon?

Damon: Chablis, Deans gone. He left a letter for you, and I promised I'd keep an eye out for you, but you can't come here anymore. I handed her the letter, and made her leave as quickly as possible.

Chablis: Hunter, can you drop me at the skate park? Dad can't, and mom won't; she thinks I need a day at the "spa"! Hunter, you can't let me be dragged into that; I'm not Pandora, it's not my scene!

Hunter: You realize it couldn't hurt if you actually knew how to be a girl right? I mean, you're killing mom. I think Dad's getting a little mad about it himself. You can't avoid mom forever.

Chablis: Wanna bet? I avoided Cassidy all summer. I'm not sure why your ex-girlfriends think they can win you by kissing up to me, but it's getting old.

Hunter: Blis, come on! Get in, and don't forget your stuff. You have to have that cell phone with you, or else Mom will come down there and really ruin your whole "I'm one of you" reputation!

Chablis: No problem; I'm prepared! I grabbed my things, and Hunter dropped me off in front of the skate park, with the warning to behave. Yeah, okay Hunter; no cops today, I promise!
I turned around to head into the front office and realized that Damon was working. He didn't bend the rules for anybody; not even me. Hey Damon! I tried to stay positive, and hide my disappointment. Is it busy today?

Damon: Hey Chablis, you still can't go in there, doesn't matter how busy they are. You know that. You can't go in there; the boss finds out I let you, and I don't have a job anymore. Who are you trying to impress today anyways?

Chablis: Damon, I looked to the front of the room, and caught a glimpse of Marilyn passing by. OH crap, can I use the bathroom, and maybe can you tell me when Marilyn leaves?
Damon: I couldn't help myself, and started laughing. This girl was more of a regular here than the regulars, and from the look of it, she didn't want her best friend to know the extent of it. "So, why are you hiding from your best friend" I asked from the office side of the bathroom

Chablis: Because Marilyn ganged up on me yesterday. Her and everyone else female that has any part in my life, and frankly I'm pissed off.

Damon: She's gone now. What could you possibly have done to get ganged up on for?

Chablis: Oh, Pandora's back in town... and they all think I don't act enough like a girl. I so totally got born into the wrong family Damon. You think Dean will come downtown and hang out? Since you won't let me go in?
Damon: I'll see, but you better not pull any shit this time; he can't come home looking like he did last time, or else Mom will kill me. I told her to get moving before Marilyn came back, and she left.
Hey Dean, your friend wants you to meet her downtown; do me a favor and get back here before Dad gets in?

Dean: Cool. I'll be back in time, no worries. I grabbed a couple of the guys and I took them to meet my friend. Chablis was a kick-ass boarder, and laser skater too, but the guys still wouldn't believe me. As we rounded the corner into the cement domain of monument park, I knew that by the end of today there would be no doubt. She might not be allowed into the skate park, but that's because Dad banned her from the premises after she broke a couple rules, you know the safety rules... the important ones. "Guys, she's fearless. Seriously."

Chablis: Dean kept his word and brought some of the guys over with him, and we had a blast. Dean left with his friends in time to be back at the park by closing, and I met Hunter in time for my ride home.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Keely: This isn't happening. My daughter gone working at risk kids this summer; meant much time alone for me. I have no problem with this, it means I can bring dates home if I want, I can relax and take 2 hours in the tub if I want to even. Last year, Gram and Boyd ended a relationship over an affair with me. One day Boyd happened to be here for some event or another, at least that was his pretense for coming around, not that he needed one, he paid in full so nobody could rent the room out from under him.

I walked in the door after a horrible lunch date, (yeah, another one of those)and saw BJ in his room getting ready to button his shirt up and head who knew where, but he was in the kitchen; public space. I walked over behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist with a hug. What brings you to Chicago? I asked, and moved away toward the sink for a glass of water, I suppose you could say I let my hands slide off him on my way. Oh, and did you know you always, ALWAYS, smell like the beach at the ocean, or like muddy campsites? I smiled and laughed.
I wasn't thinking about sex, I wasn't thinking about coming on to him.

***Two Months later***
Boyd was back again, and things were normal. I couldn't meet him for lunch because I had a doctors appointment, so we opted for dinner instead.

Listen, Dr. Williams; I can't be pregnant... I just can't!

Dr. Williams: I'm sorry, but you are pregnant; and according to the ultra sounds you're two months in. Here, take these print outs, and the lab results. I want you to go home and relax and when you've done that, call me and we'll talk about what's next.

Keeley: I picked up the pile of "stuff" from the Doctor, and went home. Walking in, I dropped it all on the counter and went to take a shower. I didn't pay attention to see if BJ was there, or out or what. I wound up sitting in the shower, sobbing relentlessly. I think it took 30 minutes for the water to turn cold and force me out. I wrapped myself in a big terry robe, and went back downstairs, maybe some tea would help.

I stepped into the kitchen and saw that BJ had found the papers etc. where I had dropped them. I couldn't tell if he had connected the dots or not, I couldn't tell how he felt about what he saw. I wondered if he would say something, but since he was just looking at me with a question in his eyes; I decided to just get it over with. "I'm pregnant, and you should know that the baby is yours."

BJ: How? When?
Keely: Are you serious? You need to ask me that..?
BJ: But we're always careful.
Keely: Yea, we are. and yet I'm pregnant. I stated, indicating the papers.
BJ: I have to go. I turned and walked out the door.

Keely: Unreal. I can't believe he just walked out like that! Boyd, my friend with sometimes benefits.. heck, that doesn't even feel right. BJ, my childhood friend; who I've never ever lied to or deceived and he walked out on me like I told him I was from another planet or something!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Pandora: I managed to make it through school without hurting anyone too bad. Seemed as though things were pretty rough going back in Texas; I missed home. It had taken so loooong for people to forget about my mother... Marijuana. What kind of name was that?! Heck... what were they thinking naming me Pandora?!!! Guys heard my name and if they could, they ran in the opposite direction. Business was business, and I had amassed a decent sized fortune for myself, all from furniture design! Now, I was young, independently wealthy Pandora Monroe, and some bitch thought it would be funny for me to be part of the "Earths Sexiest Humans" edition of Time Magazine. I had relented and gone along with the photos and publicity that went along with it. Yay me, featured on the cover with none other than my nemesis Aiden Cash.

I put in a call to Po' and explained I wanted out; and would it be a huge deal if I gambled away my stake in the business? I think that made her mad; she suggested that I was NOT under any circumstances going to do it that way; and it sure as hell wasn't happening on the Whale. I halted my thoughts from that direction, and changed my mind. I let her know that I had instead decided all my income from the venture would be donated to Aiden's school programs; and I'd handle getting the legal stuff worked out.
Keely: I thought a lot about BJ. I thought about what he had been like when we were younger, I thought about how we came to be where we were. Summerset Texas; I was visiting family with Caroline, and hoping that the summer on the ranch had made any difference in her behavior. I realized that BJ had been renting the spare room for a year, and had just secured the space from me for another year. It seemed like we'd both managed to stick to the terms of that affair while Cat. was gone. I wonder what it was that he felt for Grams, hell I wondered who the woman was that convinced him so thoroughly that he didn't need it! Shit, I suppose that same sentiment could be applied to myself. Well; seemed there were plenty of guys who wanted to see me... all of me, and none of them had any interest in associating in any way with my girl.
Caroline well, what could I say. She absolutely connected with him. While he was in Chicago she had been doing things I hadn't seen her do before. She had friends actually coming over to hang out; she had her homework done on time, and for this trip she had actually been friendly with her cousins and family. I was impressed.

Caroline: If I had been any normal kid, I might not have noticed the small change in my mom. When I got back from "boot camp", and gave her a hug she smelled a little different. Then the ride to the house, and greeting BJ and when he walked past, I knew. I didn't tell them I knew; but it was wierd. Thing was that I couldn't ever catch them. It was enfuriating and I decided that I would just give up and try to forget about it. We went to Texas to see the family; I didn't find a reason to beat anyone up this time, and hanging out with the other girls around my age was fun.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

ok, it's time to admit that I've slacked off. Four kids, a new house, a dog, 2 cats, and a turtle will do that though.. did I forget the husband? I'll be trying to get back into the story, first I have to get my life organized, and my mom has to find all of her paperwork which details certain story events... We'll see what happens, hopefully things can begin to be more organized, and start to make sense to an actual reader who wasn't there when the story was written!